Miscellaneous Procedures


Many pain treatment therapies which are frequently used are mentioned here.  For treatment of hip arthritis and bursitis, an intra-articular hip injection and trochanteric bursa injection are performed. Injection therapy, both diagnostic and therapeutic, for pelvic pain is demonstrated in the superior hypogastric plexus block below:

Diagnostic blocks for headache pain is performed using a splenius capitus block as shown below, or in some cases, an occipital nerve block.

Many other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are routinely performed in our center including atlanto-occipital blocks (upper neck pain), celiac plexus blocks for cancer pain, laser destruction of nerves to the facets and sympathetic chain (back pain),  splanchnic nerve denervation (pancreatitis),  trigeminal ganglion injection and RF destruction ( tic doloreaux…facial pain), perineal nerve injections (vaginal pain), glossopharyngeal injections and destruction (cancer of the esophagus), intercostal nerve injection and dorsal root ganglion RF destruction (rib pain, chest wall pain), carpal tunnel injections (carpal tunnel syndrome), prolotherapy (ligamentous laxity therapy to strengthen torn ligaments), etc.


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